Chronic Pain Management Clinic

Location: NNS Clinic
Funded: ACC, Patient, Private Insurance


Pain Management Service


The most common causes of chronic pain are back, shoulder, arm and leg injuries and post surgery problems. Pain can also be the result of neurological problems and is often exacerbated by factors such as stress or financial and relationship difficulties.

Nelson Nursing Services Ltd (NNS) aims to provide you with the best possible pain management service at our one-stop clinic for people with chronic pain issues.

We have a multi-disciplinary team of specialists which includes a musculo-skeletal specialist, psychologist, functional therapist, and registered nurse amongst others. The assessment process would include a review of the history of the condition, a physical examination and consideration of physical, psychological and cognitive factors.

The Pain Management Service team will develop a strategy to help you manage your pain which may include recommendations such as changing medication, a range of physical therapies and making lifestyle changes.

NNS will help prioritise and coordinate an holistic care programme which can help you achieve your full potential by:

  • Assessing possible causes of pain
  • Identifying other issues that may be influencing your pain
  • Educating you in the self-management of pain
  • Discussing other treatment options which may resolve or reduce your pain.
  • Referring you for further investigations or to other treatment providers if necessary


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