STAR Concussion Clinic

Location: NNS Clinic
Funded: ACC, Patient, Private Insurance


Concussion results from a head injury and symptoms are extremely variable. They can include headaches, dizziness, poor sleep, depression, and visual, cognitive and memory problems.

Nelson Nursing Services Ltd (NNS) offers a one-stop concussion clinic which is run by a multi-disciplinary team of specialists who are experts in a range of conditions to do with concussion.

Even weeks after a bump on the head, you may be feeling off-colour and have been referred by your GP, ACC case manager, or A&E to our STAR (Specialist Team for Assessment and Rehabilitation) concussion clinic.

You will first be seen by members of our team, consisting of a medical specialist, psychologist, functional therapist and registered nurse, who will do a full assessment (approximately two hours long) involving discussion of events at the time of your head injury, ongoing symptoms, a physical examination (including a vision test) and a range of cognitive tests.

After discussing the best treatment options, the STAR team will recommend a course of treatment, which may involve MRI or CT scans or referral to other treatment providers. But in 75% of cases, we can offer and organize various treatments and exercises as well as advice on minimizing pain and discomfort. We will contact your GP to discuss the recommended options, and can make recommendations to employers to support rehabilitation and recovery.

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