Home Based Support

Nelson Home Support Service

Location: Your home
Funded by ACC, MOH, NMDHB or Patient

Whether you or someone you know needs help with household tasks, personal care, child care or time out for a carer, Nelson Nursing Services Ltd’s (NNS) provides a professional and personal service with a focus on supporting people to rehabilitate, regain independence and remain living in their own homes.

Patients include the elderly and people with disabilities or chronic illness. As well as home support duties, our carers are adept at noticing health issues which arise, and which they are able to discuss with our nursing staff.

We can also help people with work obligations, who find themselves unable to provide short term care for unwell children, or older family members.

For longer term and ongoing needs, our Home Support coordinator will visit each client to develop a detailed care plan and organize arrangements, which can be altered according to the changing needs of the client. We then maintain regular ongoing communication with clients and their families. Additional home support or nursing care can be purchased from NNS.

Our team of nearly 60 skilled carers, work to the Home and Community Support Sector Standard (2003).

Check our ‘Other Services’ page for additional programmes which encourage and support independence in elderly people.

For more information contact our reception:
email reception@nelsonnursingservice.co.nz , or phone (03) 547 2814

 “Jill, I would like to thank you and your staff for such a wonderful reliable and caring service which they have provided for such a lengthy period of time. In particular Mary has given so much in many ways every time she visited our home. Also the staff who have filled in when Mary has been away have always been cheerful and helpful and added to our lives. We are grateful and appreciate everyone’s contribution, ”

“Nelson Nursing Service have been wonderfully kind; thanks so much for your help and support. Although progress has been slow I am now delighted to let you know I'm feeling much better and don't need your help anymore. ”

 “Dear Helen, saying “thanks” and thinking too, how very nice it was of you! I will miss our talks under the shower now I am better - all the best, ”

“Angela, thank you so much for all the time, effort and affection. I appreciate the care and concern you have shown me and I have enjoyed your company. I appreciate your help in supporting me at home which I could not have managed without you, ”


“Helen and team I thank you for organizing my home help. Liz has been very efficient and a highly motivated worker who did “wonders” in the short time she was allocated. This has helped my recovery significantly - thanks again, ”